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Telescopic Peep Light

Category: Fabrication Products
    The ERL Telescopic Peep Light is a simple and well designed operational product constructed from 5052 Triangular shaped Alum. Due to the material and construction, it is easily transported and it’s rugged design ensures a lasting product life. The split collar for the 1.72” light is rubber lined to ensure a safe and secure fit. The foot of the Peep Light is 4” dia X .25” thick 5052 Alum. The Peep Light stand contains a tri-style tie down bracket with three .50” holes for anchor ropes. Eyelets along the side are .125” 5052 Alum and are lined with rubber grommets to help protect the cord. ERL also
    offers a cordless model for a McDermott (NA167436) light powered by 4-AA Batteries.
Specification Image

    Lowest setting = 82.75” tall
    Second setting = 125.50” tall
    Third setting = 165.75” tall
    Highest setting = 201.50” tall

Specification Image
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