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Recovery Mechanical Seal

Category: Pump Products
    Most mechanical seals have one set of carbon faces to provide the seal separation from cargo and the atmosphere. These are seals are the most economic and eliminate the complexity of dual seals. The downside is that there are multiple single points of failure that can result in a “leaking” mechanical seal. ERL designed the recovery seal to add protection and prevent leakage. Our recovery seal provides a secondary level of sealing without the cost and complexity.
    Mechanical seals are designed to leak a small amount of cargo to provide a barrier film between the sealing faces, however, zero leakage would be idea for most customer docks. To achieve a barrier film while retaining cargo in its entirety we rely on recovery. By creating a secondary sealing chamber within the mechanical seal, any product passing the faces can be easily recovered and returned the cargo suction.



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    Seals fail. Variables in operating conditions, tankerman skills, and dock-side system differences all affect the life of a mechanical seal, often resulting in tons of unscheduled maintenance. The ERL Recovery Seal eliminates nuance failures, minor leaks, and dock rejections, so you have less variables with the potential to lose time or money on emergency maintenance. Perform your maintenance on your schedule.

    The ERL Recovery Seal allows you to complete every transfer at dock and eliminates transfer downtime due to seal issues. Because we know that down time is money wasted, our recovery seal reduces your need for emergency service maintenance call-outs.

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