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Marine Cam Handle Scupper Plug

Category: Marine Products
    ERL’s Scupper Plugs help to ensure your barge meets regulatory compliance of 33 CFR 155.205 – Discharge Removal Equipment for Vessels. Regulations requires that oil tankers and offshore oil barges with an overall length of 400 feet or more must carry appropriate equipment and supplies for the containment and removal of an on-deck oil cargo spills of at least 12 barrels.
    All ERL Scupper Plug are constructed from forged EPDM material allowing for superior quality as well as extended product life while in the field. Each Scupper plug comes standard with a bronze hex nut and stainless steel lanyard for to ensure a secure fit. ERL can also offer a bronze wing nut if preferred. For in stock available sizes please refer to the item list. ERL can offer other sizes if desired.
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    The ERL Cam Handle Scupper plug makes the scupper plug seal a one step operation. Flip the handle 180 degrees from open to closed and the plug provides a tight seal inside the pipe.

    The ERL Cam Handle Scupper plug is adjustable to fit various schedule pipes inside diameters. For use with nominal 1.875”, 2.0”, and 2.2” Scupper Plugs.

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