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Level Alert II High Level Overfill Alarm Sensor

Category: Overfill Protection Products, Blue Water Tank Ships
    ERL’s Level Alert Model II High Level/Overfill Liquid Level Sensor is U.S. Coast Guard accepted and satisfies the requirements of 46 CFR 39.20 – 9 (b). Level Alert sensors are suitable for use on A.B.C. classed vessels.
    Stainless steel linear slide floats actuate the liquid level switches. The high level switch actuates (opens) when the cargo compartment is 95% full. Subsequently the overfill switch actuates (opens) when the cargo compartment is 98% full. With the Level Alert Model II Liquid Level Sensor connected to the loading dock’s alarm/shutdown system and/or to barge mounted alarm annunciator panel, the risk of overfill spills are significantly reduced.
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    All stainless steel heavy duty construction insures extended service in harsh marine applications. Premium ALNICO magnets are tested and matched to ERL’s UL approved reed switches for long term reliable operation. Each sensor is 100% operationally tested prior to shipment.


    Level Alert sensors easily bolt to standard 8” 150 lb. class mounting flanges which are 13.5” diameter with 8-bolt holes 0.88” diameter on a 11.75” diameter bolt circle. The floats can pass through a 7” diameter, or greater, deck opening. The 8” mounting nozzle is typically 6” high and is located at, or near, the geometric center of the cargo compartment. ERL can provide, as optional extras, pre-fabricated mounting nozzles, gaskets and stainless steel bolt sets.

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