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DS-39 Rising Stick Gauge

Category: Cargo Gauging Products, Blue Water Tank Ships
    The Model DS-39 is U.S. Coast Guard accepted. It satisfies 46 CFR 39.20 3(b) as well as OPA 90 regulations for overfill devices and is suitable for use on ABS classed vessels.
    ERL’s Rising Stick Gauge provides a visual indication above deck of the liquid level in the cargo tank when the cargo level is within 1.0 meter (3.28 feet) of the tank top. Personnel are not exposed to hazardous cargo vapors on the tank top when using the reliable Model DS-39 Liquid Level Gauge. The hazard of overfill spills is greatly reduced when properly using the DS-39.
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    Simply bolt the DS-39 to an 8” flanged pipe stand located at or near the geometric center of the cargo compartment. The deck opening must be large enough for the 7” dia. float to pass through. ERL can provide optional prefabricated mounting standpipes, flange gaskets and mounting hardware upon request.


    All welded components are 300 series stainless steel. Powerful NEODYMIUM #38 rod magnets are used to insure superior coupling strength between the CERAMIN #8 float magnet and the tri colored gauge rod. The tri-colored gauge rod, color coded to industry standards, is hermetically sealed by design, to provide extended service life.

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