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Barge Spill Kit Racks

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    US Department of Transportation 33 CFR part 155 – Discharge Removal Equipment Regulations for Oil Carrying Vessels requires that oil carrying vessels in US waters have oil spill clean up equipment on board for deck spills. ERL’s Spill Kit Racks ensure a safe, secure, and easy way to store your Spill Kits on the deck of a barge or boat.
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    ERL Spill Kit Racks are produced from ¼” X 2” precision laser cut carbon steel material and are formed and welded to ensure a quality product that will last. Each Spill Kit Rack comes complete with a 3/16” galvanized chain containing springs for added tension. Five Safety seals with a breaking force of 6lbs ensure your Spill Kit will be secure and tamper free. Three feet on the base of the Spill Kit Rack allows for easy welding or mounting to any deck surface.

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