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Barge Ladders

Category: Fabrication Products
    ERL’s Barge Ladders are manufactured from 300 series stainless steel ensuring sturdy construction as well as extended life of the product while in the field. ERL’s standard Ladder is a 3 rung ladder with a 45° degree angle towards the top with steps spaced 12” apart.
    All ERL Ladders are constructed from 1-1/2” 300 series sch 40 stainless steel pipe for the sides and ¾” 300 series stainless steel square bar for the steps or rungs. ERL’s standard 3 rung ladder measures 72” overall height with a 45° degree angle and the distance between brackets measuring 24.5” hole to hole. Supplied with 5/16” thick Mild Steel Mounting Clips.
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    ERL can custom build any ladder per customer requirements. Please refer to Ordering dimensions chart for required measurements.

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