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Barge Fuel Tanks

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    All ERL fuel tanks are constructed from ¼” carbon steel and are welded solid. ERL tests each Fuel Tank prior to shipment. Our standard 300gal Fuel Tank is tested to 6PSI Press. All construction on ERL fuel tanks satisfies 46 CFR 58.50-10 – Diesel Fuel Tanks.
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    All ERL 300 Gal Fuel Tanks come standard with a 2” - 90° degree elbow fitted to a 2” – 150# stainless steel flange. They also contain a 2” carbon steel Fill pipe, and a 2.5” carbon steel Vent pipe that contains a replaceable 316 stainless steel flame screen. On the top of the Fuel Tank there is an 8” Ullage hatch fitted with an 8”- 316 stainless steel flame screen. On the base of each Fuel Tank ERL adds ½” carbon steel mounting brackets allowing for easy mounting and removal of the tank. There is a stainless Data Tag with serial identification and the date the tank was made.

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