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Category: Overfill Protection Products
    The APM-1-Tandem Loading Box is a portable self contained alarm notification panel which allows for connection to one or two liquid level sensor systems on a vessel outside the hazardous area. The panel contains two Hubbell 516C-1W female connectors attached to the unit for connection to the Male Hubbell Plug attached to the barge. A Hubbell 516B-1W male connect is mounted on the side of the unit allowing for multiple barge loading and monitoring.
    The APM-1TLB is housed in a weather proof enclosure for outdoor use. The output of the APM-1TLB is intrinsically safe for connection in Class I, II, and III, Division 1 and 2, Groups A-G Hazardous Locations.
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    With a long cables attached to a Hubbell 516C-1W receptacle, the APM-1TLB allows for easy connection to the vessel liquid level sensor system with the panel positioned outside for the hazardous area. A brilliant Amber (High Level) and Red (Overfill) strobe lights sit on top the unit with an audible (Yodel) alarm (rated 105 D.B. at 1 meter) mounted in the front of the unit warns the tankerman of a high level/overfill condition over the entire barge(s). The 24 Volt System operates on (2) 5000 mah re-chargeable batteries with 50 hrs lifetime per charge. A Voltmeter is mounted on the face of the unit to verify voltage levels (note: a minimum of 21 volts is required for proper operation). A single/tandem switch allows the panel to be used for single or tandem loadings.

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