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When product fills your tanker, the air it’s displacing needs someplace to go. Venting takes care of that, ensuring that pressure doesn’t top out.

And it’s the same thing when cargo is offloaded.  Something’s got to go in there to replace the substance and fill the vacuum that’s been created.

Venting systems are a necessary layer of safety and protection for all tanker barges.  At ERL Commercial Marine, Inc. we’re innovators and leaders.  That’s why were the top provider of tanker barge products to the US industry.

Read about our venting products.  They’re the reliable, quality alternative that puts your operation steps ahead.

Vent Stacks

Our vent stacks are made of 100% stainless steel and fully compliant with marine regulations.  Accepted by the US Coast Guard, these low maintenance devices also enjoy a long service life.

Fitted with an internal flame screen, ERL vent stacks are easy to disassemble and reassemble for inspection, due to their simple construction.

Protected Flame Screen Vent

Made of 300 series stainless steel, our protected flame screen vent offers long-term durability and low maintenance.

Containing a 30 x 30 316SS mesh flame screen, the protected flame screen vent comes with a 150# class flange for ease of mounting.  The screen provides maximum protection against flame propagation, while still allowing air circulation in the tank.

Equate 8” PV Valve

A key component of any venting system is the PV valve.  ERL’s Equate PV Valve automatically regulates pressure/vacuum, allowing vapor flow out when required at loading and air flow in, when cargo is offloaded.

This product’s pressure and vacuum seals are the only components of the valve not made of 100% 300 series stainless steel.  They’re easy to replace, too.

6” High Velocity PV Valve

With 30% fewer parts, this high-velocity PV Valve is known for its quiet automatic operation.  Its 16% angled housing allows for drainage of any cargo condensation.

Because it’s weight operated, our high velocity PV valve won’t suffer from reduced performance due to issues with springs or friction.

At a minimum 40 meters per second discharge speed, this valve performs at even the lowest flow rates.  Its unique focusing nozzle ensures clearance of vapors well above the deck level.

Your tank barge operation’s venting systems can be rendered safer and more efficient with ERL’s high quality line of venting products.  See the full line, here.

Innovation. Leadership. Partnership.

Since 1970, ERL Commercial Marine, Inc. has been leading the tank barge product sector.  We’re committed to continual innovation, bringing you better ways of maintaining on-board regulatory compliance and enhanced safety.

Cargo, crew and the environment are better-protected with ERL’s exceptional quality and service on your team.  Our Rolling Tank Barge Trailer ensures that your crew is properly trained in all aspects of our products.

This creates a partnership which benefits ERL and our customers.  With parts delivery in 12 hours or less across the USA, your operational impact is minimized.

ERL has created the right formula for tank barge operators to maximize their investment and maintain productivity with our reliable, high-quality products.

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