founded in 1970

Without quality pumps, how would your cargo get to where it’s going?  Pumps are like the cardiovascular system of tanker barges, continually onloading and offloading product as it moves from your tanker to the storage facility – ready for the next load.

ERL Commercial Marine, Inc. has been manufacturing state-of-the-art tanker barge products since 1970.  We’ve been leading the industry ever since and are now the top providers of products to the tanker barge industry in the USA.

Read on to find out more about our industry-leading pumps, which are all newly-developed to serve you better.

11LS Deepwell Vertical Turbine Tank Barge Pump

For power levels from 100HP to 175HP, our 11LS pump is customizable to your operation’s needs.  We trim the impellers to your specifications.

Computation fluid dynamics have been employed to create this versatile product.  You’ll use less fuel and take less time to discharge your barge with this, the best example of this style pump in the industry.

12LS Stainless SteelDeepwell Vertical Turbine Tank Barge Pump

Accommodating power levels from 170HP to 300HP our 12LS pump is fully customizable to your needs.

Test by an accredited 3rd party laboratory, you get the performance you require, guaranteed.  You’ll also be happy to hear that we assemble our pumps vertically to ensure proper alignment.

It just makes sense!  See also the 12LS Deepwell Vertical Turbine Take Barge Pump.

12LS Offshore Ballast Water Vertical Pump

With a required power level of between 70HP and 100HP, this single stage vertical pump was designed specifically for ballast water applications.

This pump accommodates a variety of discharge flanges, allowing you to match it with existing pumping systems.

Made entirely of stainless steel, this item enjoys a long service life.

Four Screw Vertical Tank Barge Pump

The ERL four screw vertical tank barge pump is specifically designed for high viscosity cargo. While this pump comes with a 10” discharge flange, the pump head is fully customizable to your needs.

Made of the highest quality materials, this product can perform in temperatures up to 300° F.

See also the bottom end assembly for this item.

ERL Commercial Marine, Inc.

At ERL, we’ve been making waves since 1970. We bring our customers a wide range of superior quality items which allow them to seamlessly comply with regulatory regimes while bringing them world class customer service and ease of use.

To add to our sterling quality, we can ship the parts you need in 12 hours or less to anywhere in the USA, from two hubs to serve you better.

Our products support your operation’s success and our Rolling Tanker Barge Trailer enshrines that commitment. Your employees can learn everything they need to know about our products and how to use them effectively at the RTBT.

We set the standard because your standards are high. As environmental safety experts, we bring you superior products which maintain maximum safety on board for your cargo and crew. That helps keep the waters you work on safe.

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