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Overfill protection tools help to keep your crews and the environment safe.  ERL’s are designed for maximum accuracy and reliability, to ensure that your tanker barge is in regulatory compliance and operating safely.

Your cargos are precious, but so are your human resources and the waters your tanker barge is traveling through.

ERL Commercial Marine, Inc. is the USA’s leading provider of tank barge equipment. A demanding industry requires equipment from which you can demand a lot. Our quality, reliability and service are what have made us the leaders.

APM-2E Fixed Alarm Panel

Of high-quality construction and solar powered, the AMP-2E is in complete regulatory compliance and Coast Guard accepted.

Equipped with a bypass switch, this fixed alarm panel also has the option of tandem loading capability and is cost-effective, providing fixed mounted overfill notifications.  This is a great option when there’s no requirement for individual tank identification.

APM-2E Anti-Pollution Alarm

For barges equipped with compartments, the APM-2E is the ideal solution.  With annunciator lights laid out in the same configuration as those as your barge’s cargo compartments, problem areas are immediately identified.

Alarms are designed to alert the crew to a high-level alarm or an overfill alert and are clearly distinguishable.  This alarm is also equipped with a panel bypass switch.

Superac Model III 12” Round Marine Safety Relief

Easy field testing makes this unit indispensable as an anti-pollution measure.  By responding to overfill and pressurization conditions by opening and relieving flow rate commensurate with the rate of overspill, you’re protected. Then conditions abate, the Superac Model III automatically closes.

Our exclusive weight operated design requires minimal maintenance and is composed of a few parts.

Level Alert III High Level/Overfill Alarm Sensors

Quality construction and easy installation make these sensors crucial overfill detection tools.  Reliable and boasting a long service life, these devices satisfy regulatory regimes and feature a simple, functional design.

Level Alert III is thoroughly tested prior to shipping and is constructed of 300 series stainless steel.

Our full line of overfill protection equipment can be viewed here.

Partner with ERL

With a sole pollution event in our almost 50 years of doing business, ERL is an innovator - always seeking new and better ways of protecting your shipments and crew, as well as the environment.

Harsh marine conditions demand superior quality and ERL Commercial Marine, Inc. delivers with the highest quality and most reliable equipment in the industry.  Since 1970, we’ve been working with tank barge operators to create the ideal conditions for optimum return on investment.

ERL’S Rolling Tank Barge Trailer provides crucial instruction for tank barge crews all over the USA, with hands-on equipment training for all aspects of managing tank barge equipment, ensuring that your employees return from training ready to get the job done right – and safely.

We partner with you to improve marine safety and to ensure your employees are in tune with our products. That means your tank barge operation is served with ERL excellence.

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