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founded in 1970

ERL Commercial Marine, Inc. has been in the business of providing the tanker barge industry with premium environmental safety products since 1970.

We’re the leading provider in the USA and we maintain that leadership with continual innovation and product development that sets the industry standard.

Our marine products are manufactured to the same exacting specifications as all our products.

New, from ERL

Marine Cam Handle Scupper Plug

This new item from ERL helps ensure compliance for vessels over 400 feet, with respect to on-deck oil cargo spills.

The marine cam handle scupper plug is manufactured from EPDM, which provides outstanding quality and long service life.  The standard bronze hex nut comes with each unit but may be substituted for a wingnut in the same material, at your request.

If you don’t see the size you want on our item list, then request the size you need.  See also our marine scupper plug.

Stuffing Box – Laser Alignment Tool Kit

Stuffing box installation is made easy with this sophisticated but simple tool.  With a housing made of 300 series stainless steel and a Pyrex sight glass, this product’s laser is encased in bronze for optimum durability.

With the ERL laser alignment tool kit, your stuffing box will be perfectly aligned.  Complete instructions are included.

See also our deck stand laser alignment toolkit.  Both these products are brought to you by ERL innovation.

Lip Seal Stuffing Box

With a 5” diameter body, ERL’s lip seal stuffing box is super resistant to heat during installation, preventing deformation of the bore.

Production on computer-controlled machinery ensures the dimensional quality of this 100% stainless steel product.  And this product’s Teflon lip seal prevents fugitive vapor release for maximum safety.

ERL quality


Manufactured in a variety of popular circumferences, our handwheels are entirely constructed of stainless steel, rendering them uniquely corrosion resistant and easy to remove from the reach rod.

View our complete line of marine products here.

ERL Commercial Marine, Inc.

At ERL, we’re the USA’s leaders in tanker barge products, offering our customers a comprehensive line of high-quality items which allow them to stay in compliance with regulatory regimes while offering them superior service and ease of use.

To add to the quality of our products, we can ship required parts in 12 hours or under to anywhere in the USA, from two hubs to serve you better.

Our products come with our support for your operation’s success, so our Rolling Tanker Barge Trailer comes to you, so your employers can learn everything they need to know about our products and how to use them effectively.

ERL has been an innovator in the field of tank barge products since 1970.  Since then, we’ve been committed to finding new and better ways of serving the industry, with innovation that moves our products to the next level.

We set the standard because your own standards are high.  As environmental safety experts, we bring you outstanding products which maintain optimum safety on board for your cargo and crew.  That helps keep the waters you work on safe.

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