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founded in 1970

ERL Commercial Marine, Inc. has been providing the tanker barge industry with superlative environmental safety products since 1970.

We’re the leading provider in the USA and we earn that leadership with ongoing innovation and product development that sets the industry standard.

Our fabrication products are manufactured to the same exacting standards as all our products.

New, from ERL

Tankerman’s Shed

Fully constructed from 5052 aluminum, our tankerman’s shed has tinted windows, three of which slide open for ventilation.  All seams on this item are welded, with stainless steel hinges on the door and a latching alarm.

The lifting lugs on ERL’s tankerman’s shed make this product easily installable using a crane.  Including two dry boxes which may be used as benches and a work area, this is another of our high quality, new products.

Telescopic Peep Light

Constructed of aluminum, this new entry to the ERL family of products is easily transportable and lightweight.  With a long service life, the telescopic peep light is equipped with a rubber-lined slip collar, ensuring a secure fit.

Completely adjustable, this peep light can be set from 82.75” to 201.50”.

Dry Box – Pipe Mount

Mount this convenient storage unit on any 6” to 8” existing pipe and increase your onboard storage capacity for everything from spare parts to tools.

The ERL dry box is constructed entirely from 300 series stainless steel, with fully penetrative welding that makes it resistant to all kinds of weather and moisture.  18” wide by 18” tall and 36” long, you’ll have plenty of room and easy access to your onboard needs.

Overflow Tank – Diesel Engine Radiator

Providing your tankerman with total visibility from the top of the tank, ERL’s overflow tank is an exceptional product.  Sealed in Pyrex glass, the indicator won’t deteriorate over time.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, this product boasts an exceptional service life and is easily installed, either during construction or later, as a retrofit.

ERL quality

Cargo Pump Catch Can

You gain an extra gallon of backup product storage with ERL’s cargo pump catch can.  Security is ensured with full penetration welding on 100% stainless steel.

This product fits a wide range of cargo pumping systems, due to its bolt-on design which allows for easy monitoring and cleaning.

To see our full line of fabrication products, read more here.

ERL Commercial Marine, Inc.

At ERL, we’ve been making waves since 1970. We’re the USA’s leaders in tanker barge products, bringing our customers a comprehensive line of superior quality items which allow them to stay in compliance with regulatory regimes while offering them top-notch customer service and ease of use.

ERL has been innovating in the field of tanker barge products for almost 50 years.  We’re committed to finding new and better ways of serving the industry, with innovation that moves our products to the next level.

We set the standard because your standards are high.  As environmental safety specialists, we offer you exceptional products which maintain optimum safety on board for your cargo and crew.  That helps keep the waters you work on safe.

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