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Some of the most crucial pieces of equipment aboard your tanker barge are cargo-gauging tools.  These monitor the level of cargo, ensuring that it’s safely contained.  Equipment which isn’t doing its job exposes you to the potential for environmental hazard.

Your tanker barge needs the most accurate cargo-gauging/barge-gauging equipment and protocols possible, to protect both your company and the environment from erroneous readings that can put you and the waters you ply at risk.  ERL is continually engaging in development and evolutionary innovation to ensure our products meet the challenge.

RSA (Risking Stick Alarm)

ERL’s new RSA is accepted by the US Coast Guard.  Equipped with the ERL L-40 Reed Switch, this RSA may be used in hazardous cargo locations and is in compliance with all relevant regulation.

With heavy-gauge steel construction, it’s easy to install and helps prevent crew exposure to hazardous fumes.


Cargo visibility without the hazardous fumes is what this new product brings your tankerman.  Offering a 56” circumference viewing port, you enjoy full regulatory compliance while enhancing crew safety.

Conforming to US Coast Guard regulations, this marine sight glass offers maximum visibility and safety.

High level/Overfill tabs

Prevent barge overfill incidents before they happen with our 300 series stainless steel overfill tabs, offering extended performance for field operations.

Precision laser cut, this product is easy to install and can be customized to your needs.

DS-39 Rising Stick Gauge

Fully compliant with all regulations and US Coast Guard accepted, ERL’s DS-39 Rising Stick Gauge is perfect for use on ABS classed vessels.

Our Rising Stick Gauge helps you prevent barge overfill spills, while protecting your crew from fumes and alerting you when your cargo is within 3.28 feet of the tank top.

Full View SGM-1 Marine Sight Glass

Providing your crew with 59 square inches of viewing area, this piece of equipment is the industry standard and the largest viewing area available.

With cargo-side wiper blades which are easily replaced in the field, crew members have full visibility at all times.

Temperature Gauge with SS Housing

With an accuracy of plus or minus 1%, this temperature gauge is constructed of stainless steel and is hermetically sealed.  Custom probe lengths are available.

8” Round Scraper Sight Glass

The 17-4PH scraper included with this sight class eliminates the issue of cargo sticking to the cargo-side of the glass and impeding visibility.

Suitable for use on all liquid cargo vessels, this product is regulation-compliant and offers a 56” viewing area.

Radial Arm Gauge Tree

Fully compliant with all relevant regulations, ERL’s Radial Arm Tree Gauge greatly improves tankerman depth perception, helping to prevent overfill spills when topping up tanks.

An optional float marker is recommended when using this device for whitewater cargos.

ERL Commercial Marine, Inc.

ERL is the leading tank barge equipment provider in the USA.  Our leading-edge innovation is continuously seeking to enhance safety and reduce environmental damage with high-quality products which create greater stability, safety and reliability for your crews and the water you convey your cargos over.

See our full line of cargo-gauging and related products here.

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