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The vast expanses of the world’s oceans are your tanker barges’ home, so you need the best products in the industry to ensure on board safety for those long hauls on the open seas.

ERL Commercial Marine, Inc. is the USA’s leading provider of tanker barge products, offering you leading-edge quality, superior service and durability that stands the test of time.

Since 1970, we’ve been innovators, committed to developing our product line to stay at the top of the industry.

RSA (Risking Stick Alarm)

ERL’s new RSA is accepted by the US Coast Guard.  Equipped with the ERL L-40 Reed Switch, this RSA may be used in hazardous cargo locations and is compliant with all relevant regulation.

With heavy-gauge steel construction, it’s easy to install and helps prevent crew exposure to hazardous fumes.

8” Round Scraper Sight Glass

The 17-4PH scraper included with this sight class eliminates the issue of cargo sticking to the cargo-side of the glass and impeding visibility.

Suitable for use on all liquid cargo vessels, this product is regulation-compliant and offers a 56” viewing area.

DS-39 Rising Stick Gauge

Fully compliant with all regulations and US Coast Guard accepted, ERL’s DS-39 Rising Stick Gauge is perfect for use on ABS-classed vessels.

Our Rising Stick Gauge helps you prevent overfill spills while protecting your crew from fumes and alerting you when your cargo is within 3.28 feet of the tank top.

Full View SGM-1 Marine Sight Glass

Providing your crew with 59 square inches of viewing area, this piece of equipment is the industry standard and the largest viewing area available.

With cargo-side wiper blades which are easily replaced in the field, crew members have full visibility at all times.

Stuffing Box – Laser Alignment Tool Kit

Stuffing box installation is made easy with this sophisticated but simple tool.  With a housing made of 300 series stainless steel and a Pyrex sight glass, this product’s laser is encased in bronze for optimum durability.

With the ERL laser alignment tool kit, your stuffing box will be perfectly aligned.  Complete instructions are included.

Lip Seal Stuffing Box

With a 5” diameter body, ERL’s lip seal stuffing box is super resistant to heat during installation, preventing deformation of the bore.

Production on computer-controlled machinery ensures the dimensional quality of this 100% stainless steel product.  And this product’s Teflon lip seal prevents fugitive vapor release for maximum safety.

6” High-Velocity PV Valve

With 30% fewer parts, this high-velocity PV Valve is known for its quiet automatic operation.  Its 16% angled housing allows for drainage of any cargo condensation.

Because it’s weight operated, our high-velocity PV valve won’t suffer from reduced performance due to issues with springs or friction.

At a minimum 40 meters per second discharge speed, this valve performs at even the lowest flow rates.  Its unique focusing nozzle ensures clearance of vapors well above the deck level.

With ERL, you get almost 50 years’ experience from the leading provider of tanker barge equipment in the USA.  Our innovation benefits your operation.

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