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founded in 1970

Since 1970, ERL Commercial Marine, Inc. has been bringing the best tank barge products to the industry.  For almost 50 years, our superior service and quality have provided our customers with vital support for their operations.

We’re innovators who are always looking for new and better ways to create safe onboard conditions for your cargo and crew.  Those conditions also serve the health of the environment by preventing unnecessary accidents.

At ERL, were committed to being the leaders in our field, which is why we’re the top provider of tank barge products in the USA.

Stainless 40’ Winches

If safety is a priority for you, our new stainless 40’ winch is what you need, with safe release for up to 40 tons and featuring a 50’ capacity.

Your deckhands benefit from this product’s simple design and ease of use.  Tightening to 9 tons, your deckhands won’t need a cheater with our winch. All they do is turn the hand wheel.

Our winch is the first in the industry to be fabricated entirely of stainless steel (excepting the drum). The mechanism is self-contained and lubricated with a permanent grease, minimizing associated maintenance and extending service life.

We’ve applied the same technology to our new model, specifically designed for hopper barges.

Also new to our line of high-quality, technologically-savvy products is the stainless 40’ winch, with a 100’ capacity.

Bolt on Wire Button

The simple design of this new ERL product gives your deckhands the ability to make any wire an ERL winch wire.  Bolt your ERL wire’s end to the bolt on wire button, install the wire and you’re ready.

No swedging required!

Bolt on Wire Button Holder

Working hand in glove with the ERL Bolt on Wire Button, the wire button holder allows ease of use, making it possible for the deckhand to slide the button and wire into the holder, securing it with only one hex bolt.

The button is fully enclosed within the holder, so you know it won’t be backing out.

As you can see, every product in this category is newly-developed and designed, offering tank barge concerns ERL innovation for a smoother onboard operation.

ERL Commercial Marine, Inc.

At ERL Marine, we’re environmental health and safety partners who make your tank barge a safer place to work.  That makes the waters tank barges travel on safer, too.

We believe in supporting our innovation with accessible equipment education for our partners in the sector, by offering the Rolling Tank Barge Trailer as a mutually beneficial resource.  Here, your crews can learn everything there is to know about our products and how to use them.

It’s in partnership with our customers that we add value to our high-quality product line, making training easier for operators.

Since 1970, we’ve been continually engaging in developing our products to make them even more effective.  We’re proud of making this contribution to marine safety.

We set the standard, with reliable, robust tank barge equipment that goes above and beyond so you can optimize your investment.

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