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Your Partner to Success through Innovative Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Over the past 50 years, our research and development engineers have worked closely with customers to design products based on a specific need or challenge, ensuring they have a partner that develops products that meet specific requirements. More than 30 patents on commercial marine equipment are a testament to our innovation, backing our commitment to support you in your success. We invite you to give ERL the first call when you have a challenge or opportunity.

Your Partner to Success through Environmental Safety and Protection

At ERL our goal is to keep our waterways clean and our environment safe. ERL has over 25 years in the commercial marine industry without one pollution incident. Our commitment to keeping our waterways clean has driven our innovation and quality control, guaranteeing standard-setting reliable and robust equipment. When you choose ERL, you can be confident that your tank barge and our waterways are in good hands. We invite you to try one tank barge with all ERL equipment to experience our unmatched reliability.

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